Francisco J. Monroy

FMA Instructor

My Journey to

Filipino Martial Arts Instructor

My journey in the martial art world started when I was 16 years old when I saw Rumble In The Bonx starring Jackie Chan. Watching him move and fight the way he did inspired me to research Chinese Martial Arts and the philosophy.

I studed three Martial Arts styles, Lama Style Kung Fu, Kali Escrima, and American Kick Boxing at Rombs Martial Arts, under the tutelage of Sifu Guro Bob Romb.

I obtained the Third Degree White Belt in Lama Style Kung Fu and attended Kali Escrima, and Kick Boxing classes.

I later went on to futher my Martial Arts studies in the Defensor Method kali Escrima and trained under Guro Jessie Santiago attaining Level 2a in the Defonsor Method kali Escrima and the Bobby Toboada Balintawak Cuentada and obtained level 2 and will be testing for level 3.

In addition to training, I teach Martial Arts classes and do volunteer teaching of self-defense at a nursing center.

Throughout my journey, learning Martial Arts has taught me respect and humility and to always be aware of my surroundings.

Online Instruction


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic there is no in-person tuition instruction. Online classes are available. This is an excellent way to learn the theory and to practice the movements necessary for certification.


The way of the Filipino Martial Arts. The traditions of Taboada Balintawak and Defensor Method.

FMA originated in the Philippines and combines elements from Western and Eastern Martial Arts. The Filipino Martial Arts is an indigenous combat full development system. It is weapons based starting with the Raton Sticks then transforms into a bladed weapon system. It also has its own hand-to-hand combat system and includes kicking and punching.

Martial Arts FMAWAY

Martial Arts Training 

Martial Arts Training for Youth

Fillipino Martial Arts teaches ambidextrous techniques to develop skills for mind and body coordination.

Martial Arts Training for Women

Builds confidence in the ability not to be the victim and empowers a woman to defend against a threat.

Martial Arts Training FMA Systems

The FMA Way shows you how to be coordinated with the body in a combative sitation. 

FMA System Fees

$35 per class

Online training

Weapons Based & Hand to Hand Training

All levels accepted beginner or advanced. Clear and precise instructions with coaching for advancing in testing levels, 1 through 7 in Defensor Method and Balintawak.

Martial Arts Youth

$35 per classs

online training

Basic Introduction Defensor Method

Coordination, discipline, and confidence building.

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