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Defensor Method

The Defensor Method is a complete system having its origin in Fillipino and Indonesian Martial Arts. At first this method looks complicated with the stick movements and hand techniques. It might scare you away. It’s my job as an instructor to explain the levels to make it easier to practice. I explain the movements so you can understand the flow with anyone. I show you the materials in a real life situation and how to stay calm and be aware of your environment.

By training in the Defensor Method you’ll get a good workout with the warm-ups. It’s a whole different experience.


Defensor Method

Level 1

Certification requires achieving the following techniques;

The basics in hand to hand combat with instruction how to punch and kick.

Technique of foot coordination using the triangle footwork warm-up.

Single and double stick warm-up.

Single and double stick patterns in combat motion.

Knife training, holding a knife correctly and how to use it in combat.

Introduction to the new fighting system Indonesian Silat.

Level 2

Certification requires achieving the following techniques;

Hand to hand combat also called mano mano.

Technique of hand movements.

Techniques of offence and defense.

Introduction to spade y dagga (sword and dagger)

Techniques and different patters using double stick and stick and knife

Online Instruction


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic there is no in-person tuition instruction. Online classes are available. This is an excellent way to learn the theory and to practice the movements necessary for certification.

Martial Arts Training
Martial Arts Training
Martial Arts Training

Levels 1 and 2

Technique instruction online

Level 1 A

Stick Work Basics. Triangle footwork, male and female. Basic knowledge of punching and kicking.

Level 1 B

Learning how to use defence with counters single stick. Introducing knife defense.

Technique Instruction online

Level 2

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